Let's understand SegWit and MineBox

Let’s understand SegWit and MineBox

Meetup video:


After a longer summer break, the Barcelona Bitcoin Community is back with an exciting meetup hosting 2 very distinct but exciting talks. As a matter of fact this event will be somewhat different to what we are used to schedule:

One talk will be in Catalan

One talk will be in English

We will organize on a Saturday morning to facilitate commuting

It will be organized in Vilanova i la Geltrú (http://rodalies.gencat.cat/es/linies_estacions_i_trens/servei_rodalia_barcelona/r2s/)

and we will have a brotherhood lunch near the sea – optional, but please pre register to book enough tables at the restaurant.

If this is not appealing enough, read below and check out the topics and the speakers!

TALK #1: SegWit: com s’ha implementat i com s’implementa la LN gràcies a SegWit i com això millora l’escalabilitat

Bitcoin scalability has been a hot topic debate lastly due to the limited block size and its 10 minute frequency bound. Among different solution proposals, SegWit has been adopted to improve scalability, an improvement that may come in two flavors, block increase and off-chain transactions. In this talk, we will try to shed as much light as possible on how this mechanism works, its properties and which are their main advantages and shortcomings.

Jordi Herrera Joancomartí (http://www.deic.uab.cat/~jherrera/) is researcher and associate professor at the UAB for cryptography and a world known expert in Bitcoin protocol. He also co-founded the recently launched Blockchain Catalunya (https://blockchaincatalunya.org/) Association where he wears the VP role.

TALK #2: MineBox: Blockchain based decentralized NAS storage – how they bring the cloud down to earth

One of the reasons to hold the meetup southeast of Barcelona in Coloured Seeds Coworking Space is that BTC-Guardian (http://btc-guardian.com/) has participated in the pre-sale of MineBox (https://minebox.io/). A proliant Gen10 NAS (https://www.hpe.com/h20195/v2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=a00008701enw&doctype=quickspecs&doclang=EN_US&searchquery=&cc=us&lc=en) powered by the sia.tech Blockchain (https://sia.tech/). We have the pleasure to announce that Andreas Petersson, co-founder and previously one of the developers of Mycelium will be explaining the MineBox features LIVE on the running HW from our host.

Let’s understand how the community can embrace and promote a decentralized storage system that pursues competing against commercial ‘cloud storage’ (https://www.cloudwards.net/comparison/), with the difference that the file owner will also own the private keys to decipher his own files.

Carlos B. Steinblock, owner of BTC-Guardian, treasurer at the Blockchain Catalunya Association and inspirer of Coloured Seeds will host you and the speakers:

remark: this meetup requires some basic knowledge of Bitcoin and/or Blockchain

Date: December, 2 of 2017 de 11.30h a 13.30h

Place: (http://fablabbcn.org/)Coloured Seeds Carrer Josep Coroleu, 9 local, Vilanova i la Geltrú (http://colouredseeds.space/contact-us/)

language: Catalan & English

Entrance is free provided you RVSP and capacity limit is not exhausted.