November 30 - Bitcoin: Opportunities and new models to trade

November 30 – Bitcoin: Opportunities and new models to trade

Monday November 30, 2015 from 18:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Media TIC building of Barcelona Activa. Roc Boronat Str, 117, 2nd Floor

Bitcoin: Opportunities and new models to trade
What does not make as the data-phone (VISA / Mastercard), PayPal or payment in cash on hand?

Summary of the event:

Welcome to a new activity Barcelona Bitcoin Community. This time at the headquarters of Barcelona Activa, a fantastic space provided for the occasion.

At this meeting we will present, analyze and discuss concrete models use Bitcoin simply not intended to replace existing value transfer between companies or consumer and business forms. We analyze new market niches and introduce new customers to retain innovatively using Bitcoin possibilities.

With a group of experts in the field we try to answer the questions we all ask about models of practical and advantageous use of this new technology.

Roundtable (1.5 hours) with the participation of:

Carlos B. Steinblock – CEO of BTC-Guardian – Presentation and moderation
Borja Rosell – CEO of Verse
Xavier Capuz – CEO CriptoBit
Miquel PavonBitcoin Investors Trust CEO
José Manuel Pérez Marzabal – Lawyer at  MTN Projects

and 1 hour for comments, discussion, and all questions that may arise.

Some of the topics:

My clients: Bitcoin vs VISA / Mastercard. How does it affect the user experience?
Company: Which sectors of business can benefit from this new technology? How you can change our relationship with banks, suppliers and customers?

– Microtransactions (podcasts, all kinds of digital content, stationery, fertilizers …)

– Sending international money (remittances, suppliers, etc ..)

– Speed in transactions (Bitcoin and confirmations in retail)

– Privacy (in post-Snowden era)

– Currency volatility

This time we will use spanish as a working language for the round table and the subsequent debate.

Bitcoin – Oportunidades y nuevos modelos para el comercio

Monday, Nov 30, 2015, 6:30 PM

Edificio MediaTIC de Barcelona Activa
Calle Roc Boronat 117 – 2a planta Barcelona, ES

58 bitcoiners Went

Bitcoin – Oportunidades y nuevos modelos para el comercio¿Qué hace que no haga ya el datáfono (VISA/Mastercard), PayPal o el cobro en efectivo en caja?Lunes 30 de Noviembre de 2015 de 18.30 a 21.00h Edificio MediaTIC de Barcelona Activa.  Calle Roc Boronat, 117,  2a plantaBienvenidos a una nueva actividad de la Barcelona Bitcoin Community. En e…

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